Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Breakfast

It's another busy day here...Abbey's 8th grade awards ceremony is this morning, her talent show is this afternoon, and Cole's graduation is tomorrow. Lots of last minute things to do.

 I'm savoring a few minutes before it all starts by reading the blogs that I love and that brighten my day.

I'm also eating my favorite summer breakfast...
  English Muffins with Ricotta, White Peaches and Sea Salt

(Excuse the not so great iPhone picture)

I use the Thomas' Honey Wheat English Muffins which have a bit of sweetness. Don't be thrown off by the sea salt. It actually helps to bring out the sweetness in the peaches. Trust me. This one is a keeper.

 This was originally a bruschetta recipe (which is also amazing) with toasted baguettes, but I decided it would make a delicous breakfast -- and I was right. So good.

Enjoy your day!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Eleven Days and Humble Thanks

My boy leaves for college in 11 days. He graduates from high school in two. I'd like to stop time, but I know that would only be for my benefit, not his. His face lights up these days at the thought of what lies ahead. I'm so proud of the man he's becoming.

Cole's graduation party was a big success! Lots of great food, friends and family. 

I think the highlight of the day for Cole was a surprise visit from the town ice cream man. There is only one ice cream truck in town, and all of the kids have known Slobie since they were little. It was a big hit, with everyone. Cole even got to spend some time in the truck.

My favorite part of the day came later when Cole, his uncle and his friends sat around the fire pit playing guitars and singing. He sang Rocky Mountain High, which gets me every time (more on that here). It was a memorable day.

Monday night was Baccalaureate. What a beautiful evening.  Great performances and great speakers.

Late Monday night, I was browsing through Twitter and saw a tweet from Cole. I typically hold my breath when reading Twitter, because Cole has been known to tweet some "heat of the moment" things that I'd love to leap into cyberspace and erase, but that night was different. He had tweeted out enormous praise to a girl at school that he barely knows. She had gotten up and read a long poem at Baccalaureate about some of the struggles she's had in high school and what it all meant going forward. My heart was full. 

And my heart if full of humble thanks this morning to Sarah at Clover Lane. I have a guest post today as part of her Coming Home series. You can read it here. Sarah's blog is my absolute favorite, and reading it gave me the courage to start my own. I was honored when she asked me to participate. Thank you, Sarah!


Friday, June 13, 2014

Music and Memories

Why is it that music can bring you back to a specific moment in a split second?  To a memory so crystal clear that it feels like yesterday.  It's happened a lot lately. More than usual.  Mostly great memories, some bittersweet, some sad, and only a few I'd rather forget.

 I'm  fascinated by music and memory.  I struggle to remember the name of an acquaintance before she gets to my end of the grocery aisle, and most of the time I can't remember why I went upstairs by the time I get there, but if I hear the first few notes, I can sing almost any song from the 50's and 60's (complete with dance moves too) and that isn't even the music of my generation. Those were well spent Saturday nights listening to WHDH's Saturday Night Live at the Oldies on the radio with my family. Clearly I would be able to remember where I left my iPhone (twenty times a day) if I didn't have two decades of oldies cataloged in my head.  But I'm glad I do. I love that the first few bars of  Mack the Knife make my heart overflow with love for my dad. What I wouldn't give to hear him sing it just one more time.

Carolina in my Mind will always be a sweet memory of my friend, TJ, and the soundtrack to a story he shared many years ago. He's an amazing man now, but I see that sweet college boy whenever the song starts to play.

I can't hear Rocky Mountain High without thinking of my brother, Donny. It always made me think of him and of his struggles, but after we lost him, it became my anthem to him.

I have a million more, but you get the idea.

The song that gets me these days (and probably every time I hear it for the rest of my life) is Brad Paisley's Letter To Me. This song makes me think of Cole, where he's been, and the great future he has ahead of him.

The tears have started again. So I'll stop for now.

What are your songs and the memories they bring back in an instant? I'd love to hear.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

To Do List

With Cole's Graduation Party in two days, here is my to-do list for today...

  • Rinse off Adirondack chairs out back
  • Organize all the paper products and wrap knives & forks in napkins for basket
  • Confirm what time tent is arriving on Friday
  • Finish washing all extra comforters for Cole's post party sleepover
  • Plan Father's Day breakfast for Sunday
  • Continue to pray that the rain stops and the sun comes out by Saturday
  • Finish Cole's slideshow and add music. Try to keep the tears to a minimum
  • Breath
  • Try to forget that my boy is leaving for college in just 17 days

  • I think I'll get through the first few things. Not too sure about the last three items. Wish me luck.