Thursday, June 12, 2014

To Do List

With Cole's Graduation Party in two days, here is my to-do list for today...

  • Rinse off Adirondack chairs out back
  • Organize all the paper products and wrap knives & forks in napkins for basket
  • Confirm what time tent is arriving on Friday
  • Finish washing all extra comforters for Cole's post party sleepover
  • Plan Father's Day breakfast for Sunday
  • Continue to pray that the rain stops and the sun comes out by Saturday
  • Finish Cole's slideshow and add music. Try to keep the tears to a minimum
  • Breath
  • Try to forget that my boy is leaving for college in just 17 days

  • I think I'll get through the first few things. Not too sure about the last three items. Wish me luck.


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