Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Breakfast

It's another busy day here...Abbey's 8th grade awards ceremony is this morning, her talent show is this afternoon, and Cole's graduation is tomorrow. Lots of last minute things to do.

 I'm savoring a few minutes before it all starts by reading the blogs that I love and that brighten my day.

I'm also eating my favorite summer breakfast...
  English Muffins with Ricotta, White Peaches and Sea Salt

(Excuse the not so great iPhone picture)

I use the Thomas' Honey Wheat English Muffins which have a bit of sweetness. Don't be thrown off by the sea salt. It actually helps to bring out the sweetness in the peaches. Trust me. This one is a keeper.

 This was originally a bruschetta recipe (which is also amazing) with toasted baguettes, but I decided it would make a delicous breakfast -- and I was right. So good.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Hi Denise! Found your blog through Clover Lane and just wanted to say hello! We have a lot in common-I am 47, from southeastern PA (we now live in Baltimore), I have four children (2 daughters, 21 and 18, and two sons, 16 and 14). Our oldest daughter is married but we are in the thick of college, college applications, heading to high school,etc with the others! I, too, was blessed to stay home with my kids for 16 years and in the past few years as they've gotten older, have headed back to part time work (for friends in their family-owned business). It's very flexible and close with great hours (7-2) so I am home when my kids need me there. I enjoyed reading about your family and will continue to check back! Happy Friday!

  2. Holy WOW, these look good. Definitely trying this.