Saturday, February 15, 2014

Here Goes...Explaining The Road From October

I've been meaning to start this blog for a long time now. In fact, I did start one in September of 2012, when my oldest, Katie, left for college, but it just wasn't the right time. So I set a new goal -- October 2013. Yes, I do realize today is February 15, 2014. So you've learned something about me already. I am filled with good intentions, big plans and lofty goals. Sometimes I hit them, sometimes I don't. Let me explain...

In our house,  the "rule" is that all college applications must be completed and submitted by October 1st of your senior year. I didn't come up with this on my own. Someone very wise gave me this advice. If I could remember who it was, I would give them complete credit here and now, but my 47 year old brain cannot recall this important detail. This "rule" turned out to be the best rule I ever made. In 2011, when Katie was applying to schools, she was a procrastinator. We have an amazing relationship, but it was put to the test by the college application process. By insisting that all applications be done by October 1st, we knew that the stress (and bickering) that we both felt would all be behind us, and she could get on with the fun parts of her senior year. It worked beautifully and I'd highly recommend it.

This is where all of Katie's hard work led her

Enter child number two. This fall it was Cole's turn to submit his college applications. We implemented the same rule, for all of the same reasons, and it worked like a charm once again. Cole actually finished all of his applications on September 28th (just to beat his sister, I'm sure). At the same time, I set a secret deadline of October 1st  for myself too. I had been struggling with the feeling that I was less needed than ever, and wondering where my path would lead me next. I decided that it was time to restart (or really, start) my blog. I've been writing for years, but only for myself. I've gathered a collection of essays that have been for my eyes only.

I didn't make my October 1st goal, for many reasons, but I did The Road From October symbolizes my path forward now that two of my babies are firmly headed down their own fabulous paths. I do know I'm still needed more than ever by all of them (Abbey is 13 and we have lots of busy years still ahead of us),  but I'm needed in different ways, and there is room now for me to also explore additional avenues for my time and talents. Being brave enough to take those steps is harder than I thought. But I will take the first step today by hitting publish. Nothing looks pretty or organized or professional yet. It is bare bones. I will figure it out as I go along. If I felt the whole blog had to look perfect on day one, it would be next October before a single word was written.

The best work of my life

Thank you to the blogs and bloggers that inspired me to do this. They are a very diverse group and I gain something different from reading each one. They each touch a different part of me, and I always look forward to their posts. I will talk more about each of them in a future post.  If I can figure out how to link them here, I will:

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Wow! I did it!

Thanks for reading. See you soon.



  1. Welcome to blogging life, mama! What a joy it will be to watch you unfurl your own wings, even as you hold your own babies out into the world and watch them soar.

    Enjoy the ride!

  2. Denise!
    Today I noticed two things! You are following 34th Street and your first post was on my birthday!
    A BIG Congratulations to Katie and Cole, and also to you and your hubby for raising such accomplished young adults! We adored the college years at our home. After the college years, the internships, and marriage of our eldest in 2009, our nest was empty and I needed a vehicle to share my thoughts and dreams...I started "Dreams" on October 27, 2010. I have" tons" to share, I am now a grandmother of two! When I finish my comments, I am going to pop you onto my sidebar!
    Happy Sunday afternoon!

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words! I am only three posts in, and I'm loving this already. I will squeeze some extra time in to try to jazz up my blog, but it's "learn as I go", so I'm afraid it will be baby steps for a while. Both you and Liz (my very first comment), have made me feel so welcome, and it's a great feeling.!

  4. Hi Denise! Congratulations on your blog! I found you from Sarah at Clover Lane - I love her Coming Home series, and I have to say, I was touched by your story because my girls are getting older, but I still feel I need to be home for them - it's nice to know that there are people who feel the same way!