Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Puppy Pangs

It's been ten months since we lost our beautiful Cooper to cancer. It was an awful, devastating loss in an already horrible year, and none of us are really over it, or probably ever will be. We miss Cooper constantly, and everyday, something happens to bring him to mind. Cooper was our first dog, and Mike's very best friend. He was a bit neurotic and needy (sort of like me) but also loving, protective and loyal to a fault.

Cooper and Abbey were both so small back then

After two years on his own, we gave Cooper a brother. Having two golden retrievers and three children was probably a bit crazy (not the three children part!). I spent many of the early days wondering what I was thinking. I said then, and I still believe it today, that having and caring for babies is FAR easier than caring for puppies. But two dogs together are really the sweetest thing ever. Cooper, grudgingly at first, made room in his life for Mason, and the two were inseparable.

Mason's first day at home

Are you really going to let him drink from my dish?

This is my favorite picture of the boys

Helping Mason adjust to life on his own these past 10 months has been hard. In the beginning, it was heartbreaking. If you mentioned Cooper's name, Mason's head would shoot up and he'd look all around for his friend. We have all tried to fill the empty place left by Cooper with more walks, more playing, more snuggles. But it's time. Time to start. Time for Mason to shine as the big brother. Time to turn the house upside down again with a crate, puppy training, chewed shoes.

I will regret this decision for a minute when spring or summer rains leave our backyard a swampy mess and this is what I have to deal with...

but it will be worth it all when I think of these times.

No puppy will ever replace Cooper, but he will be a beautiful reminder of the gorgeous boy who started us on this incredible journey.


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